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On this calendar we can show any events in York related to global justice. As we’d like to make this as comprehensive as possible, any relevant events whether organised by groups or individuals are very welcome.

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Cameron in Crisis – March on Westminster – catch the bus here
Apr 16 @ 7:30 am



Cameron in Crisis

We’ve been told that as a society, we can’t afford to invest in health, homes, jobs and education. We now know why. The same politicians telling us we can’t afford decent public services for all, are hiding their money away to avoid paying their share. The tidal wave of hashtags, petitions and images doing the rounds on social media is amazing, but its not enough by itself.

Let’s turn this frustration into a huge march on Westminster!

This Saturday, we have the chance to turn anger and frustration into real movement.We’ve sold 11 tickets in the last 2 days – if that keeps going, we’ll sell out the coach! What might have felt like ‘yet another anti-cuts demo’ is shaping up to be a huge, spirited refusal to accept Cameron’s tax dodging antics as somehow normal behaviour.Get your ticket here.

Over the last weekend, thousands assembled outside Downing Street on almost no notice. With people already travelling from all over the country, this Saturday is an amazing opportunity to raise the pressure and renew the debate about the kind of world we want to see. We hope you’ll come and be part of it.

Graham Martin
York People’s Assembly