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Palestine & Israel: Where Are We? Where Are We Heading?
Mar 4 @ 7:30 pm

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A Public Meeting on Wednesday, March 4th

At 7.30pm, at the Quaker Meeting House, Friargate,

York, YO1 9RL

The guest speaker will be the Israeli/British Activist


Advocacy Officer for the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions


Ruth Edmonds has lived in Israel/Palestine on and off for 16 years. She will speak from her extensive experience as an Israeli Jewish activist, struggling against the Israeli occupation of Palestine (see over for more information).

Ruth is the Advocacy Officer for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions , an Israeli human rights and peace organisation dedicated to ending the prolonged Israeli Occupation over the Palestinians (www.icahd.org).

Ruth has also been active in a number of other prominent Israel human rights organizations including Anarchists Against the Wall(http://www.awalls.org), Boycott From Within, an organization of Israelis who support boycott divestment and sanctions against Israel and New Profile, the feminist movement for the de-militarization of Israeli Society (http://www.newprofile.org/). She has also worked with the Alternative Information Center (AIC), a joint Palestinian-Israeli organisation promoting justice, equality and peace for Palestinians and Israelis (www.alternativenews.org), the Palestinian/Israeli photography collective, Active Stills (www.activestills.org) and the  Ma’an  Development Agency, a Palestinian training and development institution (www.maan-ctr.org) . Ruth is currently focusing on organizing a Training for Transformation programme in the region.

Her Talk

Ruth will explain the complex maze of infrastructure (the ‘facts on the ground’), the laws, military orders and Kafkaesque bureaucracy that maintains the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She will also cover the subject of Global Palestine and how Israel is exporting the occupation and its security infrastructure to other countries, including the UK. She will also address the following questions:

Where are we headed? What does a just peace mean? , What needs to happen to ensure justice for Palestine? What do the Israeli elections hold for a just equal future? And, finally, what we can do to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equal rights?

This meeting has been arranged by the York Branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the University of York Palestinian Solidarity Society. Contact us at  info@yorkpsc.org.uk