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Sugar inspectors have been outside the headquarters of Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods this morning to ask the companies to change their policies. This is to make sure the sugar they buy and produce is grown on land which hasn’t been taken from farmers and their families, leaving them without a source of income and food.

So get tweeting. . .


Stop the sugar rush! Tell @CocaColaCo@Pepsico &ABF to ensure their sugar doesn’t lead to landgrabs #BehindTheBrands


Caution: ingredients of Coke, Pepsi & ABF may cause land grabs. Pls sign the @OxfamGB petition. #BehindTheBrands


Land? Workers’ rights? @OxfamGB ranked biggest 10 food companies – see our scorecard & take action: #BehindTheBrands


Stop farmers being kicked off their land for sugar. Tell Coke, Pepsi & Assoc. British Foods to act #BehindTheBrands


The companies behind yr fave brands should support small farmers. Get #BehindTheBrands and take action with @OxfamGB



Did you know your sugar may cause land grabs, @CocaColaCo? Join the fight for farmers’ rights: #BehindTheBrands



Is your sugar grown on land grabbed from farmers, @PepsiCo? Where do your ingredients come from? #BehindTheBrands



Love @TwiningsTeaUK@BillingtonsUK or @Ryvita? Tell Assoc. British Foods to treat farmers fairly: #BehindTheBrands

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