Will York Council say No to TTIP?

March 15, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

Time is limited – we need a plan…

Councils up and down the country are declaring themselves to be TTIP Free Zones in protest at TTIP’s threat to local democracy and to public services. York’s Green Party Councillors have taken up the challenge locally, with the vote set for 24th March – 10 days from now! We need a plan to maximise the chance for success, and ensure this debate gets maximum attention.

Let’s plan to seize this opportunity!

We’re part of York No To TTIP – a coalition of groups concerned that TTIP will undermine democracy, destroy the NHS and other public services and leave Britain without key environmental, employment and consumer protections. York No To TTIP is meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 15th at the Waggon and Horses pub on Lawrence Street. Representatives of the Green Party will be explaining their motion and the process involved, and we’ll be looking at ways we can support them.

We have an opportunity in the next 10 days to really drive up the local debate about this deal, which MPs and MEPs are increasingly concerned about. We hope to see you tomorrow.

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