Stand Up to Racism in York – Protests in York against Racism and War on Saturday 28th November

November 26, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

An action in York this Saturday  to counter the impact which a group of racists expect to have in organising a “Refugees Not Welcome Here” protest.
We know we can turn out in numbers which will show that the people of York do not tolerate public expressions of racist hate on our streets without countering them with our message “Refugees are welcome here”

We will be meeting at St Helen’s Square at 1.00p.m. which is just before their protest is scheduled to take place – the venue may be switched at short notice and we will be informing you of a phone number you can call with up to date information from Friday night of where we will be meeting.

The venue for the vigil is fixed and this will take place in Exhibition Square at 4.30. Bring flasks of hot chocolate, it will be cold

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