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York People’s Question Time

With Owen Jones, journalist and author

Election fever is setting in and the media are focused on a few narrow issues that suit their line. All the main parties remain committed to further cut after the elections; how do we make sure we have a movement with the best chance to stop them? We’re delighted to announce that Owen Jones will be joining us on Thursday April 2nd for the York People’s Question Time at 7pm at the Priory Street Centre.

Get your tickets here now!

I had the chance to attend the Manchester People’s Question Time, which featured Billy Bragg and PCS Union’s Mark Serwotka. The panel differed on plenty of details, but were united in their passion for a better world, whilst the audience drew on every experience of life. Despite the grim reality of austerity, it was the most positive public meeting I’ve attended in a long time, and I’m sure we in York can equal them if not do better!

We’ll be announcing more of the panel as soon as we can. We’re hoping for a full venue, so please spread the word. Tickets are £5 if you can and free if you can’t – we’re expecting to spend nearly £500 on this event so please pay if you can.

Make sure you’ve got a place – get your ticket now!

Graham Martin
York People’s Assembly

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